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Crown, bridges and veneers

Enhance your smile with our expertly crafted dental solutions made for you.

Crown, bridges and veneers

Advanced dental procedures involving capping, covering or replacing teeth


How many teeth can be improved (in theory) by these kinds of procedures

Over 10 years

How long porcelain veneers can last, depending on the person and lifestyle

Porcelain & Dental Veneers

Veneers are like Porcelain “finger nails” bonded to the front surface of misshaped, misplaced or discoloured teeth. It is a two stage process which takes two weeks from start to finish.

Alternatives are composite resin restorations, porcelain crowns or if teeth are crooked, Orthodontics or Invisalign might be an option.


Crowns are made of porcelain, gold, or a combination of both, and are a way of aesthetically strengthening teeth which are weakened or discoloured by the passage of time or previous restorative procedures. This is a two stage process, whereby at the first appointment the tooth is prepared by removing a layer of the tooth and filing all around the tooth, so there is enough room for the crown to fit over the existing tooth. Then an impression is taken, which is sent to a Ceramist, who will hand craft the crown, (usually within 2 weeks). In the meantime an acrylic temporary crown will protect the tooth and provide a good looking tooth in the interim.

Once the permanent crown is returned, we will check it for fit, you will check it for looks, it is then cemented permanently.

Text books will quote a 15 year life span. We guarantee all our work; please speak to us about our guarantee.


A bridge is appropriate when a gap exists between 2 teeth, which are suitable for crowning. The two teeth are prepared (see Crowns above). The two crowns are connected by a porcelain “pontic” which will look and function like the missing tooth itself.

Bridges come in a variety of shapes, forms and materials. The best option for you is chosen with your Dentist.

Other options are Dental Implants and Dentures.

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