Dr Luke Russell



Luke is an Englishman, who qualified in Cardiff, Wales. After doing one year of graduate training in Cardiff, he moved to Australia to experience working abroad and to do some travelling, supposedly only for one year. Having worked in Queensland, WA, and Victoria, he feels hes sampled what Australia has to offer, and now is here to stay in Melbourne.

He has done 2 years in dental and general hospitals at both Melbourne and Liverpool respectively, mainly focussing on the surgical aspect of dentistry.

Luke's main focus is to make the patient feel at ease and comfortable in the chair. He loves chatting and educating patients fully, informing the patients of what needs, and is going to be done.

As well as his passion for oral surgery and wisdom teeth removal, Luke very much enjoys every aspect of dentistry, including aesthetic fillings, crowns and the treament of gum disease. He is also an approved Invisalign provider.

Luke enjoys teaching, and when he's not working with QV, often teaches the Melbourne Dental School undergraduates at the dental hospital. This also helps keep up with professional development.

Away from Dentistry, he likes keeping fit with sports like soccer, cycling, swimming and running. Luke also loves exploring Australia, going away on long weekends to see what more the country has to offer. He is a passionate soccer fan, (unfortunately) supporting Newcastle United, and is still trying to learn and watch AFL to embrace the Melbourne culture.