Teeth Whitening

Bleaching is a procedure which is non invasive (as opposed to Porcelain Veneers etc.) and brightens your natural teeth.

We have offered these procedures for 15 years and have narrowed our service to 2 systems we believe are the best on the market.

Pola Day/Pola Night

Pola Day/ Pola Night is a take home bleach which involves wearing two custom made trays, one on your upper teeth and one on your lower teeth for 30 minutes twice per day for Pola Day and Overnight for Pola Night for 7 & 10 days. Teeth Whitening in Melbourne CBD

The procedure takes two appointments, the first appointment the Dentist will consult with you regarding the expected results and advise if teeth cleaning is required, impressions (rubber moulds of your upper and lower teeth will be taken. The second appointment 2 & 4 days later we will go through the instructions on wearing your bleach trays and how to care of them.

Hygienist Scale and Cleaning

We have a hygienist who is a New Zealand trained dental therapist, who will look after the gum (periodontal) health of your teeth and help you maintain a healthy smile with tailored treatment and advice about oral hygiene.

Currently we offer Saturday appointments.

Our General dentists are BUPA and HCF preferred providers. 

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