General and Cosmetic Dentistry

I have a toothache

Depending on the severity, we will see you on a priority basis to get you comfortable and discuss options should more treatment be required. Sometimes we recommend a separate checkup appointment if we can see multiple problems.

I have infected wisdom teeth

Firstly we make sure we get you comfortable, this may involve some-thing topical, or a prescription. Rarely do we need to remove a tooth there and then. We will refer you for a specialized x-ray and book a time with a consultant who comes to our practice on a regular basis and will discuss options, costs etc.

I have a wobbly tooth

Once we have decided why the tooth is loose, we try to stabilize the situation. If the tooth is not saveable, we discuss replacement options (ie implants) with you.

I have bad breath

There are many causes for this ranging from a simple gum infection to sinusitis to more serious systemic causes. We identify the cause and treat the symptoms this way, sometimes by cleaning your teeth or recommending specialized products for you to use.

I have bleeding gums

This is usually one of the signs of gum disease, usually a decent scale and clean of your teeth, and a little coaching will teach you how to prevent this from happening again.

I have sensitive teeth

Provided it is not a more involved problem such as decay or a cracked tooth, Sensodyne will usually diminish the symptoms together with some other hints we can give you.

I have crooked teeth

There are many ways to straighten teeth, regular orthodontics or invisalign are both offered at our practice.

I knocked my tooth

This can range from knocking your tooth right out of your mouth to just chipping it, or just knocking it. We take an x-ray and perform some tests to see which treatment is best.

I have yellow teeth

We have provided whitening procedures for about 15 years now and have limited our repertoire to one take-home whitening system that we feel is the best available, see tooth brightening.

Pregnancy and your teeth

Dr Ecke has written an article for a website Belly Belly, please have a look to see if it answers some of your questions.