Dental Implants

What is the success rate of an Implant?

Once an implant has integrated it is very difficult to reverse the process. It would take accidental trauma to damage it. People who grind their teeth at night can in extreme cases damage their implant. However implant design and night guards worn by patient will counteract this. Once you have been deemed a suitable candidate for implants, then long term success rate (ie 15 years) is in the high 90%.

What is the length of treatment?

From Implant placement to fitting of crown is about 8 weeks, longer if there is not enough bone and the site needs to be augmented.

Is there pain or discomfort?

Many patients report implant surgery to be much less troublesome than they expected. With modern anaesthesia and close attention to post operative care you can expect minimal discomfort.

How much does Implant treatment cost?

Implant treatment today offers you to have teeth that look, feel and function like your own. Dental Implants offer some of the finest restorative results possible in modern Dentistry costs will vary from case to case depending on what system is suitable, however for a single unit implant cost is in the ballpark of $6,000 for the whole procedure, individual quotes need to be given by the dentist.

Will others know I have Implants?

Usually no. Todays Implant treatment enables your new teeth to look, function and feel like your own.